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 Wanaka artist Brian Collinson invites you  to our art gallery  with a lovely garden and Collinsons cottage Bed &Breakfast & apartment  for all your accommodation needs.  Visit this picturesque setting of gardens and art gallery in Wanaka nz .We invite you to experience a local Wanaka artist Brian Collinson  and his work . This work includes landscapes paintings , seascapes paintings ,corrugated iron  art and sculptures in the garden  with  other related activities . Brian has been  working with art most of his  life and the suebri garden reflex’s  his love of recycling and his gardening with Susanne . The  garden is made into rooms and is unique in it’s own way with art and sculptures are the hidden gems .The gallery is at the entrance of the drive and is accessible  from the street front. We also have Collinsons cottage  Bed and Breakfast and  Apartment. This can provide all your accommodation in Wanaka . Come and

enjoy  this  hideaway garden and gallery by clicking here wanaka artist/ Brian and Collinson Wanaka gardens . Suebri gardens Wanaka artist /Brian Collinson wanaka artist / Brian Collinson Wanaka Artist. Brian Collinson Wanaka Artist/ Brian CollinsonYou c an check out more details by visiting this Wanaka artist by clicking here

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Brian & Susanne Collinson • Collinson's Cottage & Apartment • 67 Manuka Crescent, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
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