Sculptures in Wanaka new

Suebri gardens . Wanaka  Wanaka gardens . Suebri gardens Wanaka Suebri gardens

Come to Wanaka and enjoy this spectacular sculpture exhibition of our leading New Zealand artists. Set in the stunning Wanaka landscape at the Rippon Vineyard

Collinsons Cottage B&B or Collinson’s Apartment can provide  your accommodation in Wanaka set in  our garden  setting and sculptures.

The paint pot suebri gardens   Sulptures in Wanaka . Suebri gardens  Suebri gardens .Wanaka Suebri gardens. Wanaka

Suebri gardens .Wanaka

Suebri gardens .Wanaka



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Wanaka accommodation and Suebri Spring Garden in Wanaka

Come and see the magic of our spring garden at  Suebri Gardens, 67 Manuka Wanaka. At Collinson’s Cottage we offer Bed and Breakfast accommodation  also, so for a few days you can  live among this beautiful garden and sculptures.

A quiet walk around our large garden will help to stretch your legs after your days travel, or just sit beside the fish pond or in one of our court yards with a glass of wine.  A great way to enjoy the summer evening in our peaceful, tranquil environment.

front entrance Collinson's Cottage B&B in Wanaka our garden at Collinson's Cottage B&B in Wanaka water feature at Collinson's Cottage B&B in Wanaka japanese garden at Collinson's Cottage B&B in Wanaka  Brian's garden at Collinson's Cottage B&B in Wanaka Wanaka accommodation , Suebri gardens

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